My Bathroom Sink Won't Drain

The information in the video for, "My Bathroom Sink Won't Drain" will be useful for the do-it-yourself drain cleaner,
About half of the calls we get when the homeowner begins with " My bathroom sink won't drain " can be remedied by following the steps laid out for you here.
Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning wants to help you help yourself. In the event the bathroom sink does not drain, after implementing the following steps, give us a call. Not all sink drains are this easy to restore flow.

1.) Drain the water from the bowl of your bathroom sink (if you have a slow drain) or find some way to remove the water.
2.) Remove the trip lever (ball and rod located on the drain, above the trap beneath the bathroom sink. Find it in video)
3.) Remove the pop-up plug
4.) Reinstall the trip lever
5.) Fill the bathroom sink bowl half full of water.
6.) Cover the overflow with one hand
7.) Place a plunger over the drain and plunge with the standing water. If water is beginning to drain out while plunging, add some water and remove the plunger to see if the sink will drain.
8.) Once the sink drains and water has been running for about 30 seconds and draining out of the sink, shut the faucet off and remove the trip lever.
Reinstall the trip lever and pop up plug. Lower the pop up plug through the mouth of the drain. Insert the trip lever through the back of the drain assembly while catching the pop -up plug.
9.) When you are sure you have caught the trip lever, thread the trip lever back down to the drain assembly tee.
10.) That is how to get a bathroom sink to drain. If this does not work for you, please don't feel bad. You probably have a stubborn blockage in which case, you need a professional. Give Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning a call at 508-530-1062 in S.E. Massachusetts. Or, if you live in Rhode Island, call 508-838-9645.

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Diagnosing and fixing the drainage problem for a sink, shower or bathtub may be a long and difficult process. Be safe. If fixing the issue is something that is risky or not being understood, contact a drain service company. The range of pricing for a company who cares to do the job correctly is within $145.00 - $225.00. This depends on material used in piping, age of the house which would help the plumber understand the plumbing code that was used in assembling the plumbing system, access to the plumbing and what is assumed to be creating the blockage. Sewer Video inspections on main sewer lines may also be helpful, where applicable.