Sump Pumps

Spring is on the season's tide. Warmer weather means a lot to most people. However, to residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, some of their attention is on how much ground water will rest under the basement floor and around the foundation.

At the writing of this post, the date is March 8, 2013. In Bellingham, Ma., winter storm Saturn dropped 5 inches of wet snow on an already saturated water table. The snow will melt. With that, the permafrost, and if your house is in a low lying drainage area, you will probably be on the watch to ensure your sump pump is working.

If you don't have a sump pump, now is a good time to jump into action. What does it mean if your home does not have a sump pump at this time of year? Well, in March and April of 2010, many homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were flooded. Those on the fringes of the flood waters did not fare so badly if they had a sump pump in their basement. Those that did not, well, home owner's insurance groups were weighing the results against how the home would have done if the foundation was protected with a pump. Other areas were just plain out of luck. Water tables were so high, that if a sump pump were involved in the equation, there was no place to put the water.

Images taken from Warwick and surrounding communities during the flood of March - April, 2010