Water Jetting

Sewer and drain back ups occur for a variety of reasons. Grease build up is probably among the worst of all sewer and drain clogs.

If your sewer line has grease buildup, cabling the sewer to restore flow is an option. However, cabling a grease laden drain does not offer optimum results. The grease may remain soft, in which case, the cable passes through and is removed as a table knife does in peanut butter. Meaning, the grease closes behind the cable. If grease hardens, (it will, given enough time) be penetrable. However, the blockage reacts much the same way as clay would to a tooth brush. The hardened grease can be eroded away, against the friction of the cable and cutting blade. The question remains, 'How much of the grease was removed and how big of an opening did the sewer cable make in the hardened grease?'

Fortunately, by today's standards of drain and sewer cleaning technology, we have "high pressure water jetting". Take a look at the video...

Hydro jetting is done by forcing high pressure water through orifices as fine as a human hair. A jet may be as powerful as 4000 psi.. Forcing this much pressure through an orifice as narrow as a hair produces a violent lashing on whatever is within the range and effective reach of the jet. In this video, the whole chicken placed in the sewer line was completely shredded.

If your sewer or drain lines have soft or hardened grease clogs or, blockages formed by sludge, water jetting is the way to go to ensure a clean, viable sewer or drain line.

Diagnosing and fixing the drainage problem. Be safe. If fixing the issue is something that is risky or not being understood, contact a drain service company. The range of pricing to clear branch lines for a company who cares to do the job correctly is within $145.00 - $225.00. This depends on material used in piping, age of the house which would help the plumber understand the plumbing code that was used in assembling the plumbing system, access to the plumbing and what is assumed to be creating the blockage.
Sewer cleaning service can be from $225-$365. Jetting, $465-$700 (for non-franchised companies). A franchised company like Roto Rooter may cost as much as $1,200.00 to have jetting done.