Pirana Bacteria Generator System

How Can I Fix My Septic System?

Repair and Maintenance For Septic Systems in Wrentham, Franklin and Bellingham

All septic systems fail... However, there is nearly a fool proof, positive response to repairing a failed septic system and maintaining systems to prevent failure. Aerobic bacteria, generated by Pirana Systems.

A septic system is named by its' properties. It is a stagnant, anaerobic body of liquid sewage where bacteria are generally over tasked with the expectation to digest solid waste. The expectation of waste to be eliminated is unrealistic as anaerobic bacteria generally cannot keep up with the solids entering the system. The solids entering the tank accumulate faster than the bacteria can keep up. Hence the logic to have a septic pumping company remove the waste within a 5-year period. The tank can be emptied and rebooted. Septic pumping companies do not have an effective means of removing the accumulation of particulate solids from the leach field. Therefore, the leach field will eventually fail.

Pirana Systems, LLC is Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning's answer to maintaining and repairing failed leach fields in our service area of Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Connecticut. A few of those cities with a multitude of septic systems are Wrentham, Franklin and Bellingham. One of the challenges these cities have for ground treated sewage is that of a high-water table which in some cases, contributes to the failure of a leach field. Therefore, it is imperative those leach fields remain porous and free of bio-mat, accumulation in the soil. Pirana Systems does this. Here is how the system works.

As stated, anaerobic bacteria are very slow. So slow, it creates conditions under which the leach field will eventually not absorb water. Pirana Systems combats the accumulation of bio-mat by generating and multiplying a body of aerobic bacteria. A much faster, more aggressive means of breaking down and digesting much of the solid biological material, before it leaves the tank.

Many septic pumping companies will criticize aerobic bacterial generators, stating 'the aerobic bacteria will parish when it is no longer in the body of diffused oxygen created in the septic tank, by the Pirana System Diffuser. This is true. However, The Pirana blend of bacteria utilizes a microbe which prefers oxygen. But, will become an anaerobic micro-organism until it finds an oxygen atom. And, that is easy, as carbon molecules, containing oxygen atoms exist everywhere. And therefore, the oxygen atom is taken from the molecule and the microbe goes back to work, very aggressively consuming biological material and quickly restoring flow to the soil.

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