How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

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You will find, the easiest of bathtub drains to clear a blockage from are in homes where the drain pipe was constructed, using Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS). These pipes are considered have a to be plastic. PVC pipe has a smooth interior which does not decay. The fittings were created with consideration to having directional sweeps, to aid in the transmission of sewage from the fixture to the sewer line. And, therefore, the piping will also allow for blunt drain cleaning tools, such as cables and jetting hose to flow in the direction of flow.
There are a few issues in which using a cable or jetting hose will not allow easy cleaning or clearing of a blockage. Tub drains with traps which are not accessible may have a drum trap. The trap may also be one which has a cleanout plug. In most cases, the drain cleaning technician will remove the overflow cover or trip lever from the face of the tub, above the drain to insert a cable through the overflow pipe. This will lead to the trap. If there is a trap with a clean out plug, the drain cleaner may not be able to navigate the cable or jetting hose beyond that plug.
If you are trying to use a cable and have not had success. Or, if you are approaching the drain for the first time, with intent on clearing the blockage yourself, you may want to try this non - invasive approach. .......Remove the overflow cover, push cloth or sponge into the overflow and be sure it will not fall into the piping. This will allow you to create a vacuum with a plunger. Use a flexible plunger. Not a plunger with a funnel on the end. Nor a plunger you feel you have to stand on to get it to work. You want to center the plunger over the mouth of the drain, run a little water and plunge rapidly for about five seconds. Remove the plunger and take note as to how much water is draining out. If the water has run out completely, run water into the tub to see if the tub drains normally. If it is at the least, slow, plunge the tub while water is flowing from the spout. If you still have a clogged tub drain, you may also attempt to cover the overflow pipe with the plunger and use a shop vacuum on the mouth of the drin.

Many homeowners perform these steps and do not have success at freeing a clogged tub drain. Don't feel bad. Call a drain cleaning company.

Understanding where the blockage is and how to clear it can be a long, arduous process. Be safe. If fixing the issue is something you feel uncomfortable with or you are not understanding what you can do, contact a drain service company. The range of pricing for a company who cares to do the job correctly is within $145.00 - $225.00. This depends on material used in piping, age of the house which would help the plumber understand the plumbing code that was used in assembling the plumbing system, access to the plumbing and what is assumed to be creating the blockage.