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Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds in the Dishwasher

Standing water, along with debris, such as egg shells and coffee grounds in the dishwasher could be from one of two reasons.  The debris either got there from not thoroughly rinsing dishes while depositing trash in your dishwasher.  Or, the discarded particles may have arrived in the bottom of your dishwasher through the drainage piping for the sink. Familiarize

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My Dishwasher Won’t Drain!

Oddly, you may find standing water at the basin of your dishwasher. Do not be too worried, yet.  There are a few common causes which may lead to a quick fix.  Calm down, put on your thinking cap and set aside ideas of costly repairs or replacement.  (For standing water but the water drains out when you set

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Diagnose a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposers are among the worst offenders when having kitchen sink back ups.  This is usually the result of an object, inadvertently being washed into the kitchen sink drain and impeding the grinding chamber. (NOTE: Garbage disposers are intended as a companion to the dishwasher.  Therefore, garbage disposals are to dispose of small food particles and biodegradable organic

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