My Tub Won't Drain

You may have been unnecessarily struggling with a bathtub drain blockage. Many times, these stubborn disruptions are easier than you think, to get relief for. The image below illustrates the modern construction of a bathtub drain.:

There exist 5 common types of drain assembly. The photo above from Handyman.com illustrates a type of drain assembly, where the stop is threaded into the mouth of the drain. Removing the stop will reveal a cross hair which contains a tapped/ threaded center. There is where you will usually find the culprit behind the tub not draining. The cross hairs collect hair and other debris. For future access to this section of the drain assembly, become familiar with which type you have. Practice removing the stop on a regular basis. This will allow for the plug to remain easy to remove, as well as give you an opportunity to remove accumulation before the drain becomes sluggish and difficult to clear.

Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning's goal is to provide service when service is needed. Here, we provide you with the first steps our drain cleaning technicians take in attempting to clear your tub drain. If our on line advice does not help you to restore flow to your tub drain. Give us a call. We are happy to walk you through solutions and provide further advice. However, please understand, we will not recommend you do anything which could be harmful to you or someone else. If our recommendations are not sufficient, you should probably contact us to schedule an appointment. Our technician will do the rest. The range of pricing for a company who cares to do the job correctly is within $145.00 - $225.00.